Desktop & Device Apps

As a full-service software company, we offer a range of services, including, custom application software for device drivers, desktop apps, business software, & other programming tasks.   We have recently done a music app for artists which is surely going to lead the pack.  We’ve done relay devices, motorized devices, animation software for film effects, test software, and many other projects.  We can build or de-bug.  If you have a special software engineering project, let us show you how we can assist.

Most projects are either less than 4 months & less than $40, 000 to build.  We call those small projects.  Others take longer, so are more expensive.  With our diverse team of engineers & designers, we offer both onshore & offshore rates.  We bill for each task level to further minimize expenses on your part.  Understand that  you find out alot of things you didn’t know only AFTER the first beta version is complete.  Given the agile nature of the software development process, we encourage you to allow your team & budget to re-evaluate your objectives mid-stream to ensure you stay on track with your overall objectives.

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