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Mobile App Developers


Do you need someone to create a mobile app for you?  GLOBAL APP SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT is your one-stop-shopping for MOBILE apps!  Specializing in Productivity & Game Applications for the most sought-after platforms:

Apple / iOS – both iPhones, iTouch, & iPads



Windows 7

Do you have a product or service or group you’d like to promote via today’s mobile technology, like smartphones, touch tablets, & soon-to-be-released advanced in wifi & mifi multi-media services?

Here’s the Solution~

Let us create your mobile app software.

Review this work-flow chart to see how this fascinating process works ~

Mobile App Development
Our software developers will engineer & place in the appstores your new app!  We’ll do any do web development or marketing too!  We are your one-stop-shopping for mobile apps custom software, even the latest MicroSoft’s WINDOWS 7 TREE environment.
Mobile Technology
•Core SDK based end to end app development on all smartphone platforms including, but not limited to iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile
•Enterprise mobile applications
•Social networks, email and communication integration
•Geo (location)-based and location-aware applications
•Artwork assets creation, animation and special-effects for smartphones
•Games for smartphones
•Home gadgets & inventions
•Quality assurance
iCade App Software Developers

Server-side Technology for Smart Devices
•CMS integrations to support cloud-based apps
•PHP/MySQL server backends for data creation used by mobiles
•Mobile solution strategy for brands and enterprises
•Marketing and advertisement on mobile devices
•Business Development, including Investor Relations
•Mobile apps solution outlining, storyboarding, design & artwork, system design, development and UAT
•Technology solution consulting

Rough estimates are given unless you have precise specifications for our teams.  We have more than thirty programmers at our disposal.

Games – We’ve done a number of mobile game apps.  Let us do yours!

Game App Developers

Game App Developer does Sports Games
Huffington Post App

Marketing & PRODUCTIVITY APPS are the second biggest selling apps on the market.   L’Oreal, the Huffington Post, France’s iCade, Toyota, Honda, & many other well-known companies have chosen us for their mobile development needs.  Let us give you a quote for your project.  Just send us your specifications & tell us who’s going to use your mobile app & what they should be able to do with it!  We’ll build your apps on four platforms & get them in all the pertinent online app stores!!

Cosmetics App Developers

Every major industry & product is getting an app in the app stores because, like websites, everyone wants to make it easier & easier to communicate with the people who can make it happen for the customer!  Cosmetics, Airlines, Law Firms, Healthcare Providers, Insurance Companies, Entertainment, & most any other niche you can think of will be there soon if not already.  Now IS the time to catch this wave & see how it will help you reach more targeted demographics & complete transactions sooner than before.

Cost varies. Simplest apps start @ $5000. Allow several months for development. Anticipate wanting some changes once the beta version is complete.  Agile development allows you to continue the creative process as your app comes to life.  Accuracy of estimates are based on specification details.  Storyboards are welcome. List of Features you think are essential. Keep the user in mind every step of the way.

Contact us for more information.

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