You are about to produce a dynamic, software application with a fabulous team of
engineers & designers!

To make your project flow more smoothly, please consider the following.

We are eager to provide you with a bid for your software development project.

Please follow these guidelines to help us help you receive the fastest &  most accurate bid for your project.

To begin, please review these guidelines & let us know what questions you have.

Included is an outline of steps to take, in sequence to expedite your software
project. We have various teams all over the USA as well as abroad, each has
their specializations.

There are THREE sections: 1. Custom Software & 2. SEO 3. Web Development.

Please review the samples of different tasks for you to complete so that we may
get your project the way you want it, as soon as possible.



To receive a bid on your software development project, please follow this checklist:

1. Draft a description of what your project is about. Include illustrations or diagrams wherever possible.
a. Storyboards/wireframes, preferably in MS PowerPoint
b. Brief project description with lists of desired features, hardware requirements, flow charts, & desired operating systems
c. Approximate budget – low to high range is ideal. Our rate is: $50-150/ hour depending on the complexity and team required for the project. Different tasks require different skill sets, thereby incurring different fees.
d. User profile – who will use this software, why, when, how, where
e. Indicate desired start date & completion time [days, weeks, months], and
f. Whether or not a NDA is required.
g. Be sure to include your full name, postal address, email address, area code & phone number, company name & title, if applicable, so that we may prepare a development agreement for you to sign once we’ve established working terms.

2. Respond to our estimate. We can work with you to meet your budget whenver possible. Please remember, an agile environment is more costly due to on-going changes incolved with engineering specifications. A fixed environment requires more pre-production effort, but usually cuts down on costs.

3. Send us a formal or informal authorization for work & 1/3 projected fees up front, 1/3 after first version, and final 1/3 upon completion.

4. Suggest any changes to our initial proposal compiled from your specs.

5. Sign off on final proposal so project may commence.

6. Be available via email, online file sharing, phone &/or Skype [ ], if at all possible, for project correspondence in real time.

7. Prepare for updates.

8. Remember that additional features which you request after project has begun may incur additional costs.

PLEASE NOTE:  Keep this list handy for future reference during development project.



Now, here’s what we would need from you to give a proper SEO estimate:

1. Specify if you already have a url which will be addressed or if you would like to have a website done as well, then follow BOTH set of instructions.
2. State if you have an e-Store or what products & services you are promoting.
3. Next, let us know if you would like us to do your keyword research or if you have selected your keywords already. We may need to review your keywords in either case, but it’s good to know your preferences.
4. We want to view your competitors’ sites as well, so if you know which websites to
view, please let us know who you consider your key competitors.
5. If you have meta tags, please include those as well. If not, let us know.
6. Review our SEO services to see which services you want to prioritize:

Website Analysis
Detailed Website Analysis
Industry analysis
Keyword research
Competitor analysis and monitoring
Google webmaster tools analysis
Google analytics log analysis
Google PR and Alexa rank analysis
Link Popularity analysis

Off-page Optimization:
Manual directory submission
(Including PR-1 to PR-7 directories )
Article submission
(Including PR-1 to PR-7 article
submission sites)
Press releases
(Including free writing for press releases)
Social bookmarking
International Search engine submission
RSS feed submission

On-page Optimization:
Site URL structure
Meta data and meta keywords
Anchor tag optimization
Existing Content Optimization
Title tag Optimization
robots.txt file optimization
Submitting XML site maps

Link Building Services:
Directory, Article, & Search Engine
Social Bookmarking
Press Releases

Monthly SEO report
Top SEO tools information to regularly
monitor your site progress.
FREE customized e-book on SEO friendly
maintenance of your site.


1. Draft a description of your desired website, its purpose & primary message.

2. Decide if you can which features are most important to begin.

3. Submit for estimate. Hourly rates are $50-150/hr.

4. Respond to estimate. If agreeable, pay 1/3 up front, 1/3 mid-way, 1/3 upon completion.

5. Submit all essential photographs. Additional media supplied by us may incur extra charges.

6. Make time as needed to review progress.


In closing, again, thank you for your interest in our services!  We’re eager to help you with your project!


The Team

Application Engineering for Desktop, Device & Mobile Designs
Facebook Apps, Games, Productivity Apps, Device Drivers
Web Development for Front & Back End Requirements



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