GLOBAL SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS & our affilate, MOBILE APP ENGINEERS, are SOFTWARE design & development firms with decades of industry experience in the Silicon Valley area of California.

C U S T O M – S O F T W A R E – D E V E L O P M E N T
Device Drivers – Desktop Applications – Mobile Applications – Web Development – Front End & Back End – Seo Website Design & Services – Engineering / Testing – Software Developer – Computer Consulting – Internet Marketing

INDUSTRIES – Medical – Technical – Entertainment – Communications – Scientific – Legal – Manufacturing – Aviation – Corporate Services – Consumer Products & Services – Hospitality – Agriculture – Fine Arts – Education – Design & Architecture – Non-Profits – Real Estate – Construction – Etc.

Experienced engineers, designers, artists, managers, testers, & customer service people with decades of experience in every area of application engineering.  We began this software app development firm as a response to the high demand of mobile software development projects, but are also equipped to do other types of projects.  With more than 500 programmers, at our disposal, 10 consultants, 10 designers, 10 web masters, 5 project managers, all working on free-lance projects, we look forward to assisting you build the leading-edge app in your field of dreams, whether web, desktop, mobile or embedded programs.

Creating mobile apps, or any apps for that matter, are a matter of intellectual or conceptual design.  We have low-overhead & pass that on to you.  Ask for our free guidebook, De-Mystifying Software Development, as well as the Bid Request form & our electronic company brochure.  We’ll be happy to set up a phone call or conference all the decision makers for your project.   If we’re located near you, in the Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area / Marin County, as well as San Diego County, in California; Seattle, WA; Hunt Valley, MD (Mid-Atlantic/DC area), and coming soon, New York!

We handle the details so you don’t have to.  Just bring us your idea, we’ll sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.  Then, let us wow you with our interface design & the logic we use to map out your ideas.  We quickly assess what you need so we can deliver it in time for your marketing campaign.  And if you need help with that too, we’ve lots of experience.   We have both on-shore & offshore rates to fit your budget & project requirements.


ARTHUR MOREL – Lead Tech & Senior Software Engineer

Arthur Morel, Technical Lead

Growing up in Santa Barbara was great and ultimately led Art to San Francisco, almost 20 years ago. With a background as a versatile, full-spectrum, software engineer he has almost 30 years experience in a variety of technology & non-tech companies. Working on cross-platform projects has kept me very competitive with my contemporaries. A creative, detail-orientated professional who designs innovative solutions to technical problems, I can code desktop programs, mobile apps for iOS or Android phones & tablets, as well as device drivers.

Arthur Morel began programming in Southern California for a number of hi-tech projects, including the Department of Defense, University of Santa Barbara, L’Oreal, and others. Steadily through the years, his expertise in system design has come to the rescue of projects mired down by multiple efforts by different programmers, leaving a haystack of code in their wake. Today, Mr. Morel is sought after for his precision in dissecting mashed up code and paving the way for elegant solutions.


Diverse projects:

Principal Software Engineer Contractor at MJT Securities, San Francisco. Solely responsible for software system development of large install user base of Stock Option Trading platforms engines. Full spectrum responsibilities from MS operating systems administration, MS SQL administration, R&D development, bug fixing, compliance upgrades for 30 plus Co-lo systems. The development environment components are Java , Ant , IntelliJ Idea, MSSQL, Git, and several 3rd party APIs.

Has been writting connection quoting components to API’s for BATS , PHLX, and AMEX/ARCA Stock Option trading markets. I have written many subscription feed features in Activ Financial Market Data APi. Other financial market API’s include FIX connections to Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs. Other connection services include SFTP, SSH, and Java RMI. Business logic includes Stock Option Volatility generated free form with Cubic B-Splines, Standard deviation Spline Volatility, Quote generation including most components of a calculation Flow to generate a stock option quote and many standard Swing GUI component based UI Screens.

Partner in Global App Software , developing mobile wellness apps. First release due this October and currently in Beta testing. This App aids people in taking wellness breaks throughout the day. It is multi media , iCloud based and multi-platform and developed using Objective-C, Core Data , Storyboards and XCode. This first product will address, actually help uncover an emerging market.

Currently working on projects in the fields of healthcare, technology, & entertainment. Programming Languages: C, C++, Objective C, Java, Javascript, TCL, SQL, Ruby, Perl, Unix; Previous clients over last 24 years include: Concord Hospital, Creative Visual Effects, Ericsson, Optical Illusions with Jeff Matakovich, Raytheon, Simunity, Tecolote Research, UCSB, Vandenberg Air Force Base, Visual Technologies, Warner Brothers Animation, Wavefront Technologies [Autodesk]

Dance in the Wild allows groups to listen to the same music on headphones, while dancing in natural settings

Medical Intake Forms on iPad allows medical personnel to quickly send data to network data base.

Stock Market Software keeps traders in business, wherever they are, and whatever they want to do.

Specialties: Technical Skills ~ 

Languages: Java, C++, C, LabWindows CVI, MIPS Assembly, 68000 Assembly, UML, VHDL, Perl, TclTk, HTML, Visual Basic, Fortran, Pascal

Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX, VXWorks, VMS

Applications: GCC, MS Visual C++, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Visio, Clear Case

Art is currently based in Marin County, CA, just over the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Lee has a diverse entrepreneurial background.

•Over twenty years of high-level IT project management experience, both for publicly traded companies and start-ups
•Directly responsible for design, implementation and all IT operations for a Inc. 500 company (rated #44 on Inc. Magazine’s List of top companies in 2005)
•Oversaw IT budget of 5M; as well as worked within restrictive start up budgets while achieving IT goals
•Implemented HIPPA compliance and advanced web security issues in high-security sensitive fields including the banking industry, education, healthcare, and government agencies
•Extensive experience in managing all aspects of technology including: networking, purchasing, and security controls. Principal skills include technology requirement analysis, interfacing with senior level management in strategic planning and managing IT staff to achieve business goals.
•In depth understanding of a vast and diverse amount of sophisticated business operations; consistently able to meet the specific needs and unique objectives of each company.

Specialties: Extensive LAN/WAN/WiFi design experience.
Managed multi-million dollar projects.
Long history of on-time delivery.

Lee is also based in Marin County, CA, just over the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Starting in 1983, as Assistant Project Manager for several software products, Ms. Foxworthy learned the ropes of the hi-tech industry, attending all the annual trade shows & excelling in multi-platform webcasting, conceptual & interface design, e-learning, marketing communications, sales, training, & strategic planning.  Today, she manages this firm with satellites around the world.  Her network comprises over 20,000 on Facebook, 5000 on Twitter, & over 2000 on LinkedIn.  She assists in development agreements, app navigation, design, & customer service.  Her league of engineers stand at the ready to take your command.  Today’s Mobile App industry is the latest in the ever-exciting world of computers.

Ms. Foxworthy’s career path is typical of a Renaissance Woman & Liberal Arts major who recognizes the inter-connectedness of various fields of study. Her background in the hi-tech, health, and entertainment industries combine to make her a savvy sort of professional who can collaborate with diverse personalities on a wide range of projects. She applies her genius to everything she does. Whether an interface designer, project manager, executive life coach, marketing ace, or a creative talent in music & film, she’s an asset to any team project. Her tenure in these industries makes her a valuable & sought after consultant.

Teresa is currently based in San Diego County, CA.

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