Enlightening Media

Enlightening Media Mobile Apps for Personal Evolution

Today, this moment, is the moment in time when we switch from building other people’s apps and start producing our own. This has been a goal for many years and today is the day! How auspicious that it is also my sweet mother’s birthday!! Happy Birthday, Mom! We are now “Enlightening Media”! Our focus in on apps for personal evolution, meditation, personal growth, self-help, holistic medicine, and all things related to your well-being.


Guidelines for Bid & Estimate Requests

If you are a new or returning client, you are encouraged to follow our guidelines to assist you in organizing your ideas & content so that we may submit to you the most informed bid or estimate for your project.

There are several steps to the process & the more information you have, the easier it is to bid on your project.  Obviously small projects need not be so elaborately prepared, but for larger projects which will cost $20,000.00 or more, we strongly recommend these steps.

Our little booklet is available via email as well.  Just ask for our Guidelines for Bid & Estimate Requests.  Use this link to review highlights for the booklet.  The booklet has more detailed instructions and examples for you.

Be sure to ask us any questions.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Services

GSD offers full services SEO / Search Engine Optimization Services. We have partnered with a large team of experts who can get your the search engine rankings you desire. We can even engineer your custom website to meet SEO requirements. We believe we offer the very best SEO service to get you on the first page of Google searches. While we do have local reps in many areas who can meet with you if necessary, everything can be done via email or phone conversations. We’ve got the SEO tools you need to drive more traffic to your website so you can provide your products & services to a wider audience.