Hi-Tech / Hi-Touch Corollary

The Third Wave by Alvin Toeffler and MegaTrends by John Naisbett continue to be excellent reference materials for today’s engineering challenges. Mr. Naisbett has written a subsequent book around this “corollary”.
Incorporating the human element in technological creations is crucial for sustainability. The Hi-Tech/Hi-Touch Corollary require more than just unplugging more often. Technology is here to stay.
We must study its place in our lives like Feng Shui masters studying where to locate a building on a particular site. Harmony has never been more important. Humans and machines are still at odds.
Carpal tunnel, EMFs, cell towers, noise pollution, blue light, the list goes on.

Enlightening Media

Enlightening Media Mobile Apps for Personal Evolution

Today, this moment, is the moment in time when we switch from building other people’s apps and start producing our own. This has been a goal for many years and today is the day! How auspicious that it is also my sweet mother’s birthday!! Happy Birthday, Mom! We are now “Enlightening Media”! Our focus in on apps for personal evolution, meditation, personal growth, self-help, holistic medicine, and all things related to your well-being.