Wanted: Expert Programmers

Hi Expert Programmer,

We offer our clients a pleasant experience to achieve their technical goals. As such, I am the contact person representing my clients.

My clients don’t usually talk with the technical team as I can discuss project needs and serve as an often, much needed liason, given my background with doing just this at software development companies, before starting my own.

What I would need is your hourly rate & written agreement that you will do programming services for specified hourly wages & then submit bids or questions regarding bids, as necessary.

Is there a way you are willing to collaborate given this?

I have several teams I work with. Each team has different skill sets.
Many clients require a range of skill sets. I bring it all together for them with few technical headaches. I also provide marketing services, so there is tremendous potential for my company to be a turn-key solution between deploying apps in the app stores & then driving traffic there via social media marketing.

Let me know how you can imagine being available for projects.

I’m happy discussing this by phone most any weekday afternoon, whether Eastern or Pacific Time.

You can also find me on Skype.

But please begin via email, by sending your resume & portfolio links, and ask for our Programmers Profile Questionnaire to qualify.


Lee Swanson


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